Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Journalist looking for home educated women

I am writing a feature for S magazine, the supplement that comes with the Sunday Express newspaper, on home schooling and I'm looking to speak to three women who were all educated at home. The idea came about due to the apparent rise in numbers of parents home schooling their children, and the feature would ask the women about their own experiences, what they liked and didn't like and, if they are now parents, if they too would want to home school their own children. It would be great to speak to three women of different ages and backgrounds, to get a broad variety of experiences and views on the issue. The feature would also include a pull out box on how readers can go about home schooling their children, if that's something they now wish to do. I do hope this is something you can help me with and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards Suzy Barber> Freelance writer and editor 07712 885974> suzy.barber01@googlemail.com


  1. Soooo tempting, but not sure I trust a journalist. Or the general public actually. :/

  2. However trustworthy, ethical or well-intentioned the journalist may be, all credibility is lost for choosing to associate herself with this despicable little man that has wrecked havoc and ill-repute upon the goodly cause of HE for many years.

    S. L.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    The thought of anyone trusting you to write a piece about them, its hilarious.
    That has cheered me up no end.
    What a self deluded prick you really are.


  4. I don't think she has chosen to associate herself. I posted the message from Suzy to various lists yesterday. I suspect Simon has simply repurposed it.

  5. ' I suspect Simon has simply repurposed it.'

    Your suspicion is well founded, Shena. Of course that does not preclude the possibility that I am also a self-deluded prick or a despicable little man.

  6. Or that you are Suzi Barber, going by your past history of pseudonym use, (grin)

  7. What is wrong with people? Yes Simon takes a different view of certain aspects of home education and the need for monitoring surrounding it to that of many other home educators. Why does that warrant comments such as those above?
    I have seen it suggested that Simon posts things to get a reaction or to stir up trouble. That suggests to me that people have a pretty clear idea of how they are going to feel about his words. Strangely enough most of the people who post comments about him appear to be those who do it regularly. If you don't like what he has to say then it is fairly easy to avoid.
    Newsflash - People don't all share the same beliefs and opinions. If they did life would be very boring. If you don't have anything nice or constructive to say then keep it to yourself.
    I don't agree with all that he has to say but wouldn't dream of calling someone names for that reason.

  8. What's a 'goodly cause'? Sounds like something from the C16th?

  9. Hi Simon and followers
    I am Suzy Barber and my feature is about showing the positive side of home education. I think many more parents are thinking of it now as a real alternative to school and the lengths parents have to go to to get their children into a school that's considered to be a good one.
    However, I don't appreciate my details being posted on the world wide web, and I ask you Simon to remove them please.

  10. My family once allowed journalist Jonathan Rendell from the Sunday Telegraph to come to our house and write a feature on us. He came in the guise of wanting to write about our sibling band (we played South American music) but lo and behold, he put together a pack of lies that was breathtaking and hurtful to read. Apparently, we went scavenging for firewood and always wore medieval dress. Complete tosh. The silly man arrived at our farmhouse in a white suit, later very brown when his car got stuck. I think that's what did it for him.