Saturday, 12 January 2013

GCSEs.... again.

I officially became a home educator in 1998, when my daughter turned five. I had of course been taking her sister out of school for a few days a week to teach her, before this, but 1998 was when I assumed sole responsibility for the education of a child of ‘school age’.

At that time, it was commonly supposed among many home educators that GCSEs would not be around for much longer and that there was little point in getting their children to sit them. After all, there were other options. Studying with the Open University was one of these, another was going to a further education college at fourteen or fifteen to take GCSEs and then A levels;  if the child wished to go on to university that is. Fifteen years later and some parents whose children are not at school have much the same kind of attitude; that GCSEs are on the way out and that even if they weren’t, they are not that important anyway.

Now I am not one who thinks that university is the be-all and end-all, the ultimate aim, of a child’s education. One of my children took A levels and went to university and the other did not. I regard both as successful, in that they both decided when they were young what it was that they wished to do. They then went on to achieve their very different goals. It was however important to me that both had the option of going to university if that was what they wanted. Which of course is where GCSEs enter the picture.

There was a time when many colleges ran GCSE courses in various subjects and if you wanted to skip GCSEs entirely and study for A levels at an FE college; well, that was also possible. You might have to work at it a little, but it was often possible to find a way round the entrance requirements. Many teenagers managed to study A levels without having very many or indeed any GCSEs or GCEs at all. Times change, of course. I have been prompted to reflect upon this by looking at the college to which my younger daughter went in 2009.

Harlow College used to be, to put the case bluntly, a really shit place. It was full of kids who were just marking time and the drop-out rate was astronomical. When my daughter applied, the college was just raising their standards. Nobody was allowed on any A level course, under any circumstances, unless they had at least five GCSEs, all at grade C or higher. There were no exceptions to this rule and it had the effect of fewer students dropping out of A levels half way through the course. A few home educated children tried to get in without GCSEs and were turned away. Even so, three years ago, there were still colleges where you could get onto an A level course without GCSEs; it was still happening.

I have dealings with Harlow College and I see now that anybody wanting to study for A level mathematics there now needs six GCSEs, one of which must be mathematics with at least a grade B. I am sure that this will reduce the drop-out rate still further, but it has the side effect of making the place even less accessible to home educated children. Ringing around, I have found the same kind of thing happening in other colleges in various parts of the country. We are moving towards a situation where sixteen year-old home educated children simply will not be able to study for A levels at colleges or sixth forms unless they have a clutch of GCSEs. This has serious implications for those who might wish to go on to university.

Of course, there are other routes into university apart from A levels. There is the IB, but this cannot be done at home. There is that old standby, the Open University, but anybody using this method stands a good chance of queering the pitch for a later application to the student loans people. Some courses, mainly those in the arts, can be entered through portfolios or auditions, but A levels are by far the commonest way in. It is worth parents bearing these factors in mind if their children are not at school. Obviously, it would be an unfortunate situation if a decision about not doing GCSEs had the later effect of preventing a child from going to university at eighteen if she wished to.

As I said earlier, fifteen years after I began as a home educator, some people are saying precisely the same things as were being said about GCSEs in 1998. Things have changed radically since then though and this must be borne in mind when reading success stories from the past of children without qualifications who managed to get into colleges and universities anyway. These routes are closing down rapidly and the time may come when formal qualifications such as GCSEs are absolutely vital if a child wishes to go into further or higher education.


  1. I think the loss of the free OU route is a really negative thing for HE in general - one of the home educators who has an unconditional Cambridge offer this year is someone who has only done OU, and never sat any IGCSES or the like.

    1. Hello Julie happy new year
      Peter doing A level physics at college yet he did not take a formal GCSE exam he did study the course from books and online he then showed the teachers what he knew and they agreed he was suitable to take the A level physics and the teacher is very pleased with his progress he had wonderfully first term report and he on course to get a B and possible A for English Peter also has been given the role of mentioning a pupil as well.
      according to his form tutor he s a wonderfully example of how other students show study and behave I did enjoy that when she said that to me!

  2. It is great news that exceptions are still possible, in unusual, extenuating circumstances (in this case, bereavement) on the way into top unis, BUT the bad news is that this one case will now be used as 'proof' that no HE child needs to sit any exams, for the next 15 years.

  3. 'I think the loss of the free OU route is a really negative thing for HE in general '

    I don't think that anybody would disagree with that! The whole setup which has evolved around the taking of second degrees is damaging to education, not just home educution.

  4. "BUT the bad news is that this one case will now be used as 'proof' that no HE child needs to sit any exams, for the next 15 years."

    I agree, it is worrying that this will be held as proof that will end up messing up some young people's lives when they find out that there is more to the story than first appears.

    Equally, we often don't hear about the ones that didn't get in, or don't even get an interview. Or people repeat part of a story that someone got into Oxbridge after being home educated when in fact they went to college to do exams at 14 or to sixth form to do A levels.

    Then some of these people talk as if it is the home education that meant they got into a top university, when it was actually that the young person was exceptionally intelligent. They would have got into top universities if they had gone though a tradition route too, just as those who if they went to school would be unlikely to make it into Cambridge, so too they would be unlikely to make it into Cambridge if they home educated either.

    One of the unfortunate things about the changes to the OU funding is that it will make it more difficult for some young people with disabilities that impact on their lives making going to physical universities almost impossible.

    13 years ago when I started home educating, people would often ask 'but what about exams' and I would say that anything could happen between now and the time my son will be ready for exams. I would still say that today to people with young children starting out with home education. We really don't know how things are going to be in 10 years time with regard to exams. They might be better for home educators, or it might be worse. But it won't get the same as now.

    Sadly in the last 10 years things have got more difficult for home educators, not easier.

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