Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The government's response to the select committee recommendations regarding support for home educators



  1. Truss was just on Radio 4 talking about how important flexibility was for families. Yeah, right.

  2. No more confusion than usual, Simon! I'm not convinced one bit of the Government ever knows what the next bit is doing, no matter which party may think it's governing, but I'm glad the guidelines are staying as they are.

    Re the flexi-schooling, I always thought of it as being closer to EOTAS - Education Otherwise Than at School as provided by the Council and not parents responsibility rather than HE.

    If I ruled the world (Cue sighs of relief all round that I don't) I'd have internet schools for those who wanted funding and support because for whatever reason their children didn't match the locally available provision and have it clearly different from HE, which to me is where you are exploring the world of education. You may use the National Curriculum as a map, but it can be as much to tell you where you don't want to go as where you do, and if you want to use an entirely different atlas, or simply go and see what's out there then that's up to you. What matters is the destination, and sometimes you get to the nicest places purely by accident.

    (But I'm still a compulsive planner, even though I envy those who can simply set sail and see where the wind takes them!)


  3. No new laws are being brought in on home education its staying the same which is very good news