Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Meeting with Graham Badman

I have grown a little weary of the constant posts by Peter Williams of Alton, invariably posting as Anonymous, who seems to be obsessed with what I said to Graham Badman. Here are the notes which Liz Greene took of the meeting. I hope that this will discourage Mr. Williams from pursuing this topic further. I doubt anybody will be surprised by any of this, it's what I say all the time to everybody, not just Graham Badman!

Independent Review of Home Education – Stakeholder meeting note
HE parent and daughter (SW)

Review Team
Graham Badman; Elizabeth Green

·1 HE should be inspected. LAs should have a supervising role to ensure progress is being made.
·2 Does not believe that autonomous approach is a robust option for many children. Need for more research.
·3 Parent should have to produce a plan of what the education will be, how it will be delivered and what the outcomes will be.
·4 Don’t feel need to join, and value of, HE organisations – many of them push autonomous approaches.
·5 HE organisations are not representative of home educators. Doesn’t feel the need for representation.
·6 Would welcome support re work experiences and exam fees (£1000 for IGSEs).
·7 Own experience of LA visit – fine, if a bit distracting and irritating.
·8 Would have concerns re competence of some LA officers to judge what’s suitable.

Key points

Fully supports monitoring and registration.
Welcome more support esp. exam fees.

Additional info

Follow up

Action for stakeholder(s)
Write with more evidence if wish.
Action for Review Team


  1. Simon people are weary of you and your crawling to Badman and that liz green that women never answered many home educators.now lets take a look at these notes.
    HE should be inspected. LAs should have a supervising role to ensure progress is being made.More home educators do not agree with THAT and wish to tell the LEA to F off yet badman took more noctice of you Parent should have to produce a plan of what the education will be, how it will be delivered and what the outcomes will be. why should we after all we paying for it all. i give them a plan f off AND STOP POKEING YOUR NOISE IN WHERE IT IS NOT WANTED!
    Fully supports monitoring and registration most home educators dont support this you have done harm to home educators by agreeing with crazy Badman.
    you get to meet/crawl to him but many other home educators/children do not why? its a joke along with Badman shi! review.

    What did your daughter say to him? DID YOU ENJOY CREEPING AROUND BADMAN?

  2. The first five points were my answers to direct questions from Graham Badman. I didn't feel the need to deceive him about my opinions when asked, any more than I feel the need to mislead anybody else. Everybody knows where I stand on this subject. Having seen the notes, do you think you will be able to stop going on about this now? I am always interesting in discussing home education, but you are behaving like a troll.

  3. home educators want answers about Badman and why he listened to you and not the rest of us who do not want meeting or crap home visits.you dont discuss you just agree with Badamn taking no notice of big numbers of home educators who do not want badman crazy ideas.
    We should have the chance to tell him to f off instead he hides from home educators many children who are home educated want to meet with him to tell him what a crap review it was but he will not meet or talk about this he just hides!

  4. Mr Badman did meet with lots of home educated children and home educators and I am sure most (with the exception of Simon) rejected all of his proposals - I don't actually think that there was ever any chance of him making different conclusions when the whole concept of "no regulation" is counter to everything that rules the society we live in. I wish it were different, I wouldn't support legislation that increases such intrusion into family lives...but I still think that Badman produced the sort of report that he would have done even had he met 0 or 1000 home educators...the report reflects the society we live in. Depressingly I am also not yet convinced that one iota of diiference will be made by all the protests that have happened thus far or which will happen in the future..I would like to be proved wrong (you can come back in a year and haunt me if I am!!) What Simon said was entirely true to Simon's beliefs - they may not be the same as mine (and certainly not yours) but I am also convinced that what Simon said to Badman made no difference to the outcome of the review. The only real "benefit" of this review is has it has shown the home ed world to be hopelessly divided and too interested in in-fighting to try and find a way forward which just might have identified a middle ground.

  5. I think that the whole review was a foregone conclusion. The very questions that I was asked suggested to me what direction things were heading. I was asked whether I thought that the LA should have the role of inspecting or if something like the Tasmanian model sounded better. Since I am not a great fan of EO and they seemed to be the logical candidates for the role of liason group, I said that I preferred the LA. As I say, the first five statements are really answers to questions. The comments about wanting money for examinations, our LA visits being being irritating and wondering if some of the LA officers are suitably qualified to undertake monitoring are my own ideas.

  6. Julie-this is incorrect Simon and a very few home educators did make a difference with mad Badman have a letter in which it states some home educating parents and children who do support mandatory registion and regual monitoring.this letter is singned by dawn primarolo m.p simon has done harm to home educators along with his daughter what did she say to Badman was she one of the children who wants monitoring? come on simon tell us what your daugher said to uncle Badman?
    there is no middle ground Julie because of the way many home educators are treated by those fu at the LEA/DCSF we will never allow home visits or meeting never i see them in hell first! im waiting for them have a nice surspise for them but so far there have not had the balls to do anything. june the 23rd 2003 no home visits no meting nothing how much do you think that hurts HCC and still here speaking out no box for us to be ticked into you want that apple julie? i always wanted to give a teacher an apple! but only if she/he is nice most of the teachers i come aross where not!

  7. well what did your daughter say to Badman?

  8. Peter - just give it a rest will you? You are like a record stuck in a groove and it is very tiresome now.

  9. What did your daughter say to Badman? dont be shy lets hear what she said.Or is she ashamed to say what she said to Badman? Your a trater to home educators sucking up to Badman?DCSF/BALLS.

  10. I didn't use to believe stricter monitoring was a good thing.

    Until I read your posts, Anonymous.

    I'm almost changing my mind now.

    Mrs Anon

  11. Mrs anonymous you can report us as well if you like simon got the number of Jim he is the attendance manger for hampshire.but is to scared to do anything! phone him up and say i knew of a child who need stricter monitoring can you help me?
    no stricter monitoring here i am pleased to tell you or meeting or visits shame is it not?
    mabe you like to do the stricter monitoring? how would it work?

  12. Mr. Williams, this is the last I shall be saying on this particular subject. I have posted the notes of the meeting which my daughter and I had with Graham Badman. The numbered points were a joint summation of our response to the questions which we were asked. The later points are matters which we raised ourselves. I really have no more to say about this and suggest that you take up some sort of hobby. This obsession is taking over your life.

  13. simon-but what did both of you say to Badman in your talks with him? and what did your daughter say?
    Your the one who is obsessed with pleasing Uncle Badman/DCSF/ED Balls why?
    Badmans used your agreement as a home educater along with your daughter to attempt to get forced home visits. You have done get damage to home educators by this.you should be ashamed of yourself.

  14. Simon, do you have the ability to block users? Just a thought.

  15. It's a tempting prospect, Mary.....

  16. Mary what a good idea block those who views you do not like.