Monday, 25 January 2010

Postscript to the child missing from Bristol

Never let it be said that I am reluctant to admit when I have been wrong! In an act of monumental nosiness, I actually rang the woman who sent the email from Bristol to the Hampshire home educators. I have to report that it was, as suspected by many, sheer busybodying on the part of Bristol, with no welfare concerns at all. The woman who sent the email, Rachel Doling, says that it is policy now among all local authorities to try and find out when anybody with a child not at school moves to another district and then notify that local authority so that they can move in on the hapless family. This is apparently done as a matter of routine by all councils now, which I did not know. So, there it is! I was wrong and all those who thought that the local authority were being overzealous and meddling in matters which really are beyond their remit were absolutely right. Which only goes to show that it is always a good idea to check out the facts before one goes shooting one's mouth off.


  1. Ah, thought so.

    3 Brownie points to you for admitting that you checked and were wrong.

    Mrs Anon

  2. Thanks for having the nerve to find out the truth!

  3. and more than that- the various lists decided not to call and ask-at least Simon had the gumption to do it- I wanted to but thought it might get the poor misguided meddling woman in trouble for breaching data protection- pre Badman , Bristol wer enot known for being this way (I lived in the area for a while)-so the Review has changed many LAs 'policies' for the worse and it is quite possible that pre- CSF decisions , LAs are making policy ULTRA VIRES.:>) ....and Simon- I think stick to using the term ultra vires because technically all LA's are companies .

  4. and Simon please do not correct me on my typos-I am not unintelligent just knackered. busy day.