Thursday, 4 April 2013

More Sauer Consultancy related confusion!

Following from yesterday's post about the muddle surrounding Alison Sauer's various companies and trading names, I observe that on her facebook page there is another company or trading name associated with Sauer Consultancy Ltd. This is named as SC Management; obviously a variation of SC Education. This enterprise apparently is concerned  not with education, but rather;

' Project Management and Consultancy in the Chemical, Process and related industries'

The difficulty here is that there is already a registered company called SC Management Ltd and it has been running for forty years. I really can't understand why Alison and her husband play around like this with companies and trading names which are so similar to others that confusion is bound to result. I mean, Midlands Productions Ltd and Midlands Productions Limited, SC Education and SC Education Ltd, SC Management and SC Management Ltd. Am I really alone in seeing the scope for misunderstandings and mix-ups?

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  1. Perhaps it was a mistake to do the names the way they did and they didn't know better. There are a lot of regulations to keep track of. They might be keeping an eye on things now. SC Education seems to be gone from her Facebook profile and it would not surprise me if she removes it from her LinkedIn comments. The URL link to the main page is defunct however if you put in SC Education and flexischooling into Google you get the link to her conference PDF. I think she's closed down her SC Education by the looks of things but still has a bit of tidying up to do.

    When my account registered a company name at Companies House on my behalf, he made a typo in my company name. I ended up having to change my company name completely because of that typo. I could not have the same name as any other limited company that was on Companies House's books.

    Needless to say I fired my accountant because he turned out to be incompetent. I have a better accountant now.