Saturday, 30 August 2014

Alison Sauer launches a campaign of harassment and intimidation...

Alison Sauer

Please spread this message but ONLY by PM
Kat Brown

Far too tempting just to sign up his email address to random lists for fun.
Alison Sauer

Can anyone get me his house address? Wendy may need to serve papers on him
Chez Moy

whats his wife called?

23:22Dawn Baxendale left the conversation.
Alison Sauer

And for future reference and deliveries of manure...
Simon Webb
Chez Moy

i once did have 2 tons of manure delivered to someone :)smile
Alison Sauer

We could have a whip round...I'll put a tenner in the pot!

23:48Hellen Barnes- Kowalkowski left the conversation.

23:52Julie Thomas left the conversation.

06:14Ann-Marie Harrigan left the conversation.

07:27Tracey McPherson left the conversation.
Jai Daniels-Freestone

I appreciate the heads-up, but it strikes me that this man, vile as he is, wants attention! This is attention seeking behaviour and I'm not going to give him the satisfaction.


  1. How anyone can perceive them to be credible is beyond me!

  2. Seems to me that if they did want to send you something nasty it wouldn't take long to get together a load of bullshit. They seem to have plenty to spare.

  3. My Facebook block list has expanded.

  4. If other people have private conversations where they express their opinions on a subject or behaviours by private message they are hounded and harassed when the conversation is leaked.

    When these people (we can't say ladies because they certainly are not behaving in a very ladylike manner) make plans to harass and intimidate or generally cause someone strife, nothing is said and no police action is taken.