Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Mike Fortune-Wood in his own words

Because what I am writing here is being described as a 'fairy story', I thought that it might be worth quoting Mike Fortune-Wood's own words on the subject of 're-vitalising' Education Otherwise;

National campaigns cost money, at least on a large scale they do. We need to start putting a war chest together (I think a big one perhaps £100,000 or 

We need a charity to manage that (infrastructure issue - bank account, auditing, formal 
treasurers, democratic decision making accountability etc. etc.)
Its too late (and getting later while we argue) to set up a new one
The only extant one we have is EO, which is still in a recovery mode. Ergo EO needs further revitalisation and help with its development.

I did discuss the idea at a meeting at my home a few weeks ago with two members of EO 

 EO could assist by hiring meeting halls and paying for people with experience of fighting other local campaigns to travel and offer help in getting started, bring people together and establish structures where none exist.

Here, we see how jobs might be created for a few people who would be paid for travelling round the country and offering help. These posts would be for those with 'experience of fighting other local campaigns'. I wonder if he has anybody in particular in mind?    I have also been accused of making up the fact that trustees at EO have been discussing this with Mike Fortune-Wood and Alison Sauer. As we can see from what he has written above, this is not some invention of mine. Edwina Theunnison and Fe Mukwamba-Sendell went to his house and talked over his proposals. They were encouraged to do this by Alison Sauer.

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  1. He discussed it in his house with 2 members of EO. Wow. A broad-based groundswell of opinion, then.