Tuesday, 22 February 2011

American adoptions, home education and abuse

I mentioned a week or two ago that there seem to be a number of cases from the USA of people who adopt children, often foreign children, and then home educate and abuse them. Here are a couple of the latest;



Now I am not drawing any conclusions about this phenomenon, certainly not suggesting that home educators are more likely to abuse their children than anybody else. I am just intrigued by this business. It will be seen that in one of these cases, there are similarities to the Khyra Ishaq case in this country. I suspect that the main factor is not 'home education' but 'adopting foreign children'.


  1. It says -For years teachers, a doctor and a nurse noticed Nubia was always hungry and sometimes stole food from school. She missed doctor's appointments. She once had a bruise on her chin.
    teachers saw all this see the child and done nothing Webb! never saved that kid from abuse just liek in UK teachers see kid but dont appear to notice all this abuse!

  2. I think the US adoption regulations may be largely at fault. Russia froze adoptions of Russian children by US parents last year because of these issues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhU_6a4oNn4 Don't know if new regulations have been brought in yet. I've also heard of families adopting/fostering large numbers of children primarily to earn money. Don't know if this is still something that goes on in the US.

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