Friday, 11 February 2011

Twelve thousand children supposedly missing from education

This is quite interesting. Of course not all those twelve thousand are missing from education, just from school. I wonder once again if there is some sort of campaign to persuade people that thousands of children are going missing and that something must be done. If so, it is a matter of time before people start to muddle up 'missing from school' with 'missing from education'. This will lead inexorably in the direction of home education.


  1. Probably most of them just moved house...

  2. 'Probably most of them just moved house...'

    Yes, now I think of it when we moved here we did not de-register my elder daughter from school in Haringey. Perhaps she is one of the statistics!

  3. Who cares how many children are missing from Education? no one really? some will make out they do until you tell them it will cost a lot of money and make classes biger if you wish to really do anything about it!The truth is most people only care about their children! or are you Webb offering to teach some of these missing children for free? they could come to your house once a week? you could feed them to if you wanted!