Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A lesson in good behaviour!

Readers might wish to read the latest issue of Education Outside School, which may be found here:


I have to confess that I gasped in amazement when I saw on Page 11 an article entitled ‘Good behaviour’, by Jai Daniels-Freestone. It will be recalled that this woman was part of a group, which included Alison Sauer and Cheryl Moy,  who engaged in a late night conversation about ways to cause trouble for me and my family.  This resulted in nuisance deliveries to my home, my personal email account being sabotaged and one or two other small matters.  Seeing her explain about good behaviour is roughly analogous to reading an article by Al Capone explaining the importance of the law of property!

In the course of her piece, Ms Daniels-Freestone tells us about, ’the intuition, experience and tact that life has taught me’.  If you wish to learn about tact, who better to explain it than a woman who describes a complete stranger as  ’vile’?  There is something so deliciously ironic about somebody of this sort writing on this particular subject that I felt that I simply had to draw attention to it. 

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