Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mr Williams of Hampshire explains how to avoid legal problems with your local authority

Peter Williams has been explaining to readers here how letting in an official from the local authority can create legal problems at a later stage. He says:

The LA officer will be judging your home is it tidy to his standard and if he believes the education is not good enough he can then go on to cause you a lot of problems because his report about you will be used in a court of law to attempt to prove the education your giving your child is not up to standard once stuff is writing down by an LA officer it is almost impossible to get it changed.

Well, that seems quite plain. To avoid any legal action, just refuse to let the local authority officer in the house in the first place. Oh, wait a minute. let's look at this:

Oh so that's how you avoided legal problems with your local authority so successfully, Mr Williams! I'm sure that other readers will be grateful for your hints on this subject.


  1. and nothing further happened Webb no court action nothing County Councilor Dr Tony Ludlow wrote to complain about the notice as well we burnt that notice on Councilor Ludow coal fire he said we may as well get some use out of!

  2. i should have also added that Hampshire did not have the guts to take us to court because their knew that notice was based on lies which we exposed to our County councilor Dr Tony Ludlow who was willing to speak in a court on our behalf saying that Hampshire LA where wrong hence no further action by them and we never did have a meeting with Hampshire LA or a home visit and we home educated for almost 9 years.
    Peter at college studying A level Math Further maths physics and computer science.He also a candidates chess master as well

  3. Whatever happened in the past, HCC learnt by their mistakes - that notice is 9 years old, and the original row started 6 months before that. No doubt HCC were foolish in trying to issue an SAO but then I suspect that Peter senior was as provocative then as he is now and never actually attempted to negotiate in a sensitive manner. Much of the correspondence I have seen from Peter senior seems to be complaining about the lack of financial support for HE - in 2004 I and many of my friends were happily home educating in Hampshire without interference from HCC at all - if they contacted us, then they were sent a report on the education offered and they ( in my case at least) never contacted us again.
    Whatever the truth then though, the world - and HCC, have moved on - nowadays if you choose to register with HCC you will get offered ONE visit ( one over all your HE lifetime) and nobody is a bit concerned whether you say yes or no. Although Peter senior doesn't believe me, HCC does offer a few positive things for home educators too, such as 5 GCSE/IGCSE paid for
    I am sure that there may be hiccups from time to time, but the days of antagonism are gone and it is a pity Peter can't accept that..

  4. Julie Says" No doubt HCC were foolish in trying to issue an SAO but then I suspect that Peter senior was as provocative then as he is now and never actually attempted to negotiate in a sensitive manner.

    That SAO only made matters far worse this was provocative and made sure that HCC LA would never see Peter or visit our home You can not negotiate with LA officers who tell lies and who believed everything the ex head of the school Peter went to.County Councilor Dr Tony Ludlow knows all about the Lies those 2 told. I got nothign but contempt for Hampshire LA who did nothing to help us or Peter.

    Yes why not have some financial support i told them that to in a letter gives us Financial support and you can visit.He refused so no visit LoL

    The antagonism has not gone you living in a dream world if you think that Julie
    Hampshire LA do nothing for home education and want to destroy it.