Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Why is Dominic Johansson still in foster care?

I think that I might now be getting some idea of what this whole case is actually about. Those following it will perhaps have seen that the lawyer engaged by the Johanssons has been banned from acting for Dominic. Scandal! She is a 'top human rights lawyer' according to some sites. In fact she is nothing of the sort. She isn't even a lawyer. Her name is Ruby Harrold-Claesson and her main interest in life seems to be spanking. She is so enthusiastic about this that four years ago she flew to the other side of the planet to try and persuade the New Zealand government that it was a bad idea to prohibit smacking. The organisation which flew her to New Zealand is called Family Integrity and they are also heavily into spanking. I say spanking; ritual child abuse would be a better way to describe it. They advocate 'driving out foolishness' from children by fifteen minute 'discipline' sessions. Yes, that's right, beatings which last for a quarter of an hour! I have to say, I would not allow such a person into my home, never mind engage her as my child's lawyer. You can read a bit about her here;


She has done some work with families in Sweden who have had their children taken into care. All these families had one thing in common; they believed in hitting their children as a form of discipline and this is why they lost their children. It is this strange woman whom Christer Johansson is determined to have to represent his son. The Swedish courts don't want her to do so, partly because she is very evangelical about spanking and also because she is not a member of the Swedish bar. (Try googling her name together with smacking or spanking. She has written a lot of really interesting stuff about how good it is to hit children.)

How is this relevant to the matter of Dominic Johansson? You have to bear in mind that a great deal of the fuss about this case is coming from the United States. Specifically, a lot of it is from right wing Christian homeschooling groups. Many of these are fervent believers in spanking and regard any attempt to ban the practice as an infringement of their rights. In fact a lot of these characters believe that the Bible instructs them to hit their children. I can only say that my view of scripture is a little different! The Johanssons are of course very devout Christians themselves and a lot of sites are soliciting prayers for them. Many of these same sites also carry pro-spanking messages. It is curious that a peculiar woman like Ruby Harrold-Claesson, a woman who blames all modern society's ills upon the lack of spanking in so many countries, should have been the lawyer of choice for the Johanssons. Do they themselves believe in hitting children? I don't know, but if so, this would certainly put them in the sights of Swedish courts and social workers.

There is a clue to this business that somebody might want to follow up. The opposition to Christer and Annie Johansson's home education of their son was not completely random. On a blog about home schooling in Sweden, I read this:

'Christer was once involved in an alternative on-line news mag that expressed politically incorrect ideas and as near as anyone can tell, this was the reason his home schooling plans were opposed.'

This suggests that there is more to the opposition to his plans than meets the eye. The authorities also received anonymous letters about him and his family. I wonder what the 'politically incorrect ideas' might have been? Might it have been something to do with physical punishment of children, which would have been deadly for any hope of being allowed to home educate in Sweden? Does anybody have any idea what this was all about?

On an unrelated note, something else which I find odd is that it is hard to figure out just what the Johanssons were actually doing and planning to do in India. When they were heading back there Christer Johansson said on one occasion that they were going to minister to the poor in an orphanage, but on another that they wanted to, 'commence construction of an ecological village where we could live and be self-sufficient' I suppose that this ecological village might have included an orphanage. When they were there in 2000 and 2001, the situation is no clearer. He said:

'My wife Annie is an Indian citizen, and I was inspired by The challenges I saw in her home country to find a way to share my ideas Practically and talents to help the poor in Suffering Ways to Give Them independence as opposed to Seeking handouts'

On the photograph of the large, extended family though it says that he and his wife were running a travel agency and lost everything in the earthquake of 2001. This is given as their reason for returning home. The clear implication is that the earthquake destroyed his travel agency and left him destitute. In an email to a Pastor in America though, he says that he travelled to the earthquake area to try and help people. This suggests that he was not living in the area affected by the earthquake. Elsewhere, he writes that he and his wife were in a taxi heading to the airport when they were robbed of all their money and possessions. Some of these stories simply don't match up and I cannot help wondering why the fellow has given so many and varied accounts of himself. Can anybody help out here with a definitive narrative?

I don't believe for a moment that the authorities in Sweden have taken this child into care as an act of spite because they wish to persecute a home educating family. It would in any case be counter productive. It has brought Sweden a lot of bad publicity and obviously they would have done better simply to allow the family to leave. I think that this has been done for the welfare of the child and that many home educators are blindly supporting a cause about which they know nothing. Now that the Friends of Dominic Johansson are reading this, I expect that they will be able to clear up all these points for us.


  1. i belive Ed balls and his wife have said it is ok to give a child a slap! and also to shout lound at children!

  2. "'Christer was once involved in an alternative on-line news mag that expressed politically incorrect ideas and as near as anyone can tell, this was the reason his home schooling plans were opposed.'"

    Do you know what 'political correctness' is Simon? It is the ultimate weapon of social tyranny. You need to go away and educate YOURSELF before you write any more of this material. This is not a game, Simon.

  3. "This is not a game, Simon."

    How true this is. This is actually a little boy who has been removed from his parents for reasons we can only guess at. His plight is being used by various groups, some of them quite unsavoury, to promote a political agenda. Have a look at the application made with respect to the European Convention on Human Rights and look at the three people named as representatives. I have already given some information above about one of them; try finding out about the others. Look into the Alliance Defense Fund a little while you are at it. I am drawing attention to the real nature of the case involving Dominic Johansson. This is about parental 'rights', not home education at all.

  4. it is not against the law to give a child a smack in England is it Simon? Balls agreed with NO change in the law over this!

  5. It is extremely difficult for any of us to know where the truth lies in a situation like this. My own politics and world view are a mile away from the beliefs of organisations like the Alliance Defense Fund. But it is possible that this family is being used by US organisations for political purposes. If you want a stick to beat a 'socalist' govt with then a case involving a child is ideal. Whatever the ins and outs of it all, I hope that things work out for this family.

  6. Simon, I know the truth of why they've taken Domenic. I've read the court documents and have written a lengthy article analyzing the December 2009 decision to continue holding him. You are writing from a point of fantasy, while I am writing from a point of intimate knowledge. I note you've still not bothered to contact me in an effort to discover the truth. Are you not interested in truth at all, Simon?

  7. "Are you not interested in truth at all, Simon? "

    I am very interested in the truth; I just don't see why it cannot be stated openly! If I am wrong about what I am suggesting, and this is quite possible, then the obvious thing for you to do is say so clearly and point out my errors. This case is being discussed very publicly on many forums, there is nothing secret about it.
    You say that I am wrong, then by all means explain how.

    Perhaps you could begin by telling us what these "politically incorrect" articles were which Christer Johansson believes led to the decision to deny him the opportunity to teach his son at home. Then you could go on to explain the involvement of Ruby Harrold-Claesson and two right wing American groups. Do you actually know why Christer Johansson was not allowed to home educate his son? If so, I don't see why you are reluctant to tell us.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. To clarify, would you please define your understanding of "right wing."

  10. what method did did you use to force your daughter to study for GCSE?

  11. he authorities also received anonymous letters about him and his family.

    that is never a good way to judge a family a letter from some one anonymous but that is just how many LA work here in UK some one says a half truth about a family and it becomes the whole truth! teachers and LA staff do this a lot about a family!

  12. When a principal don't have a clew about the human rights, and when the local politicians don't even know about our legal support concerning homeschooling, things like this happens. I was told by the principal, I don't care about your human rights, the boy has to go to school!

    The main problem behind this case as many other cases like it is not a secret or anything similar, it is because most people don't know about what right's we actually have. Everybody we have been in contact with so far can't name one article of the human right's, neither the constitution!

    That's a huge problem, and I'm pretty sure that it is a problem not only in this country, though in almost every country!

    Ruby Harrold-Claesson is for that matter the most talented lawyer I ever been in contact with!

    Thank you!

  13. "To clarify, would you please define your understanding of "right wing."

    Generally speaking, I mean more conservative and traditional people or movements. This can often be associated with a more religious and sometimes authoritarian outlook. I am myself a conservative and certainly did not mean the expression 'right wing' to be a criticism. Rather, I used it in a neutral way to describe groups such as the Alliance Defense Fund and also the HSDL.

  14. " I was told by the principal, I don't care about your human rights, the boy has to go to school!"

    "it is because most people don't know about what right's we actually have"

    I am interested in the perception which you display here Christer. The focus of both the Alliance Defense Fund and also the HSDL is on the 'rights' of parents. Ruby Harrold-Claesson is very keen on these as well. My own concern is purely for the rights of children. Much of the debate in this field, not only in your own case, seems to be about parents' rights. I find this s little worrying. Parents have duties rather than rights in connection with their children. Tell me, had you any dealings with the HSDL before this case? You seem to share their views in many ways.

  15. Sounds like a court room :)

    I have never voted, believe that's enough answer to your first question! I cannot serve two masters!

    I would rather explain HSLDA and ADF as a blessing for people and society!

  16. Home schooling is the answer to the problems in society today! Back to family life...

  17. Simon daughter is a member of the labour party and was photo with Ed Balls.

  18. "Home schooling is the answer to the problems in society today! Back to family life..."

    I couldn't agree more; my own daughter is now sixteen and did not atend a single day at school.

    "I cannot serve two masters!"

    Yes, Matthew 6: 24. I feel the same way. I am guessing here that you have a similar attitude to the civil authorities as the Witnesses?

  19. The Friends of Dominic Johansson asked me:

    "Would you please define your understanding of 'right wing'"

    This was becuase I had described the Alliance Defense Fund as being a right wing group. On the website of the Alliance Defense Fund are a series ofd testimonals from various agencies. One of these says;

    "“…the Alliance Defense Fund, the powerhouse legal arm of the Christian Right.” - Southern Poverty Law Center"

    I think that this makes it quite clear that the ADF is happy to be regarded as right wing. The same goes for the HSDL.

  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-P6_FwpVo_s&feature=related

  21. I'm actually having a little laugh!
    Some people seem to know more about our life then we do. I am still trying to remember what really happened after the earthquake and robbery in India, yet other people seem to know better and more :)

    I have corrected the information about me traveling to the epicenter of the earthquake, I waned to go there, I did not go there!

    And it is also bull that we didn't go to the child clinic or whatever to call it, we went there for 4 years. After that, we got tired of the people in the clinic always nagging about vaccinating our son.

    btw, our son was healthy for 7 years in a row, not one day of illness documented, scrutinize that!

  22. Yes, I can understand your views on the clinic, Christer. We avoided the Health Visitor here in a similar way!

  23. Good...
    Anybody can write whatever they want about me, could not care less, but, both Domenic and my wife can't defend themselves, so I would appreciate if all judging and name calling stopped.

    All involved in this case is working for a good cause, and this is not the only about us and this case, far away from it. I knew this would happened though, but I thought very carefully about it before I went public, and I decided to do so cause so very few dare to.

    This is not about corrupt governments, it's about fair and a few corrupt people, probably scared as well, and that is ok, though not when it comes to frightening a 7 year old child, so he vomits in fair and loss of his real parents, a line has to be drawn somewhere and here it is.

    The court has already written an opinion about this case, and articles has been written upon that opinion, that is relevant information. What we did in India back in 2001, we hardly remember our selves!

    My wife and I took care of the case about homeschooling ourselves and won, (before the napping) we didn't have a lawyer to help us with that. We could prob sue the pants of a lot of people for what they have said about us and this case on the web, but my grandmother told me one thing that I find so interesting. Even though God knows everything, he does not judge, so why should you!


  24. Good luck with your fight, Christer, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  25. Hehe, correcion: (sorry)
    All involved in this case is working for a good cause, and this is not the only case, far from it. I knew this would happened though, but I thought very carefully about it before I went public, and I decided to do so cause so very few dare to.

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