Sunday, 10 October 2010

A bit more about the new guidelines

Graham Stuart said;

'I have spoken to a number of different people about this (including the Minister) and hope to come forward with a proposal for everyone to look at, dispute, improve etc to deliver the above aims. I have initially asked a few people to help come up with a first draft'

Alison Sauer is one of these people and there are definitely others, at least according to Graham Stuart. Much is being made of the fact that one of these does not live in the UK, which suggests to me either Paula Rothermel, Kelly Green or possibly Alan Thomas, depending upon whether he is currently in England or Australia. Anybody have any ideas about who is actually doing this? More to the point, who is paying for this and is it actually part of a government initiative? The fact that he has apparently spoken to Michael Gove, suggests that it is being done as part of an official policy. In other words, is this some private project of Graham Stuart's which he is working on with a few friends or are these guidelines likely to be adopted by the Department for Education? If the latter, then it is strange that the whole thing has been done in private so far without any sort of announcement. I am aware that Graham Stuart is Chair of the CSF select committee, but I am far from convinced that this gives him a mandate for enterprises of this kind!


  1. I don't know whether it's a private project or a DfE one, but I also would expect them to put something together to present as a starting point. It's not as if they've been short on input, after all.

    Once it's revealed, we'll all be able to comment on it, as will LAs and other interested parties, and then we can go fight over the bits we don't like. Given the general direction of the government away from state control, I think it'll be more in our favour in removing LA powers (or perceived powers), but we'll have to look carefully at any crumbs thrown the other way. Even if it was 100% in our favour, we'd still have to fight to get it through the rest of the system, because the vested interests will fight to stop it, in the same way that we fought to stop them getting their way last year.

    Personally I would have thought that LAs would love to have it explicitly stated that they don't need to expend resources on us because then they can spend the money elsewhere. If something goes wrong it's not their fault because they've done what they were told.

  2. i just noticed i missed readng 2 posts of Simons on this subject.. ..tsk tsk Simon don't you know who the minister is have named the Secretary.
    Sloppy my dear man, Sloppy! (says she known for the worst public or pubic typos known )