Wednesday, 16 March 2011

More about Pastor Warren

I thought that readers might like to read a little more about Pastor Warren and his strange beliefs. The NCCG, which he founded and controls, is regarded by some as a cult. See:

Readers will be surprised and perhaps sightly disconcerted to learn that gay people are not the only ones who have demons in them; those born out of wedlock suffer from the same problem! So too do schizophrenics and even flu is caused by demons. And of course, they are piloting the flying saucers.....


  1. I wonder how far anyone would have to go to be deemed as far beyond the pale as you, Simon? I'm in total disbelief tonight.

  2. I know, it's ridiculous, Allie.

  3. n business there is an 80/20 rule often used to measure ... CELEBRATING 154 YEARS OF CATHOLIC EDUCATION