Friday, 7 September 2012

Making money out of home education

Those who hang around on home educating forums and lists on the internet will probably be familiar with the expression ‘rent seeker’. It is meant to describe a particular type of home educator who hopes to make money out of home education by hiring herself, or himself, out to local authorities or central government and charging for services. I have myself been accused of this and of course the archetypal ’rent seeker’, at least according to some, gave evidence to the select committee a couple of days ago.

Now I am all in favour of private enterprise in such matters, but I am also pleased to see the state getting in on this act as well and so was enchanted to see a local authority attempting to turn home education into a money-spinner. As readers probably know, it is possible for local authorities to obtain funding for home educated children to attend college once they are fourteen. Here is a local authority discussing this among themselves:$

Notice incidentally how home educators are ‘challenging’ the local authority to provide the funding! Not just asking or requesting. Interesting too to note one of their motives in agreeing to such requests:

BCSB is, therefore, supportive of any mechanisms which

may enable the local authority to track and monitor the education, safety and wellbeing

of those children who are receiving a home education.

Still, this is all to the good. Home educated children are actually getting to attend college and study for nothing, as the government has explicitly stated that they may. Some authorities though have scented an opportunity to make a bob or two from all this; the London Borough of Bexley, for example. Take a look at this:

You will see that they are specifically targeting home educators and charging them cash upfront. You might be able to claim some of this back, but this is by no means certain. I have tried in vain to find out from Bexley whether any poor sap has actually been fleeced in this way, but they are strangely reluctant to discuss the matter or even say if anybody has handed over cash for one of these courses. I wonder if anybody knows any other local authority trying this on?


  1. Okay - let us try talking to you in simple terms as well.....

    a) yes, Bexley charge HE children for special classes put on for them by adult ed. This (as I said a day or so ago) IS NOT a new thing - a quick trawl of my inbox finds an email dated 2010 advertising these courses and it appears they had been running for some time then.

    b) Under 16s have normally been charged for adult ed classes anyway - when my dd did some locally in 2006, she had to pay ( although I didn't) as the college couldn't draw down funding for under 16s. It is only now with the APG scheme that there is any hope of getting these funded.

    C) There are always colleges etc on the make financially. We have just been sent details of a Hampshire college advertising GCSE courses for 14-16 year olds. HE isn't their target - they are aiming at G and T students in schools, especially in academies. So they can study GCSEs in extra subjects (law, geology and so on) for £600 a year (plus exams and books) Not exactly a bargain whoever it is aiming at.

    c) If you want to go and make a nuisance of yourself with an LA, try West Sussex. You may have noted a small aside about funding just at the end of the Ist panel - when Graham S wanted to see some evidence. This is was about this

    where it appears W Sussex is drawing down 4.7K and capping what it will give college sat 2.9K and expecting HE parents to cough up the rest?

  2. 'Okay - let us try talking to you in simple terms as well.....'

    Dear me, I am decidedly out of favour at the moment. Talk to me in simple terms as well as what or whom? Peter Williams, perhaps? The ultimate put-down!

    'If you want to go and make a nuisance of yourself with an LA'

    I'm not sure how posting a link to a discussion that a local authority had about funding home educating children could be thought of as 'making a nuisance of myself'. I found it amusing that Bucks claimed that home educators were 'challenging' them when they asked questions about funding and also that they at once saw it as a chance to keep an eye on home educating parents. I think that both these points are of legitimate interest to home educators.

    'Under 16s have normally been charged for adult ed classes anyway '

    Yes, I am aware of this; I used to work for the Inner London Education Authority before its abolition.

    'There are always colleges etc on the make financially. '

    This is part of human nature and not restricted to colleges. Since Bexley could now make provision for home educated children for free, it seemed a bit of sauce that they are charging them. Again, this is something which I think that many home edcuators might wish to know abouuc

    I hope that you did not think that the reference to 'rent seekers' was directed at you? The archetypal 'rent seeker' to whom I referred was of course Alison Sauer; she is often described thus on a number of sites. I love the expression and was very taken with the variation of the term which somebody coined to describe Tania Berlow a few years ago; 'rent seeking vulture queen'. This has an almostt Shakespearean grandeur about it.

  3. Worn out old Webb says Dear me, I am decidedly out of favour at the moment. Talk to me in simple terms as well as what or whom? Peter Williams, perhaps? The ultimate put-down!
    what hurts the most Webb that i have home educated Peter from the age of 7 till 16 he at college now and WE never had a meeting or a home visit with any one from Hampshire LA and we burnt the school attendance order on the wood fire! and we wrote more letters than the LA did back for each letter there wrote we wrote 2 back! filled there office up with paper work!two councilors died who where in charge of education at Hampshire D Allen and D kirk while the battle was going on cant say i miss them!
    i know how Hampshire LA works got all the date from them the emails there send to each other which there dont want you to see! found at least two lies there told in the data got it in writing. councilor was shocked to see those lies down in writing we showed him he was angry to see that LA officers had told lies about us and Peter and he said so to them!

  4. Peter Williams you really are a worthless wretch. As many people have said on here before I hope your son hasnt picked up any of your nasty ways and hopefully none of you abysmal language skills. And now we have you gloating at the death of two men just because they may have held different views to you. Its time to give up all this crap about LA telling lies and just get on with your life. Fool........

    1. your a worthless wretch to! those 2 men caused a great deal of problems for us dues to they lies!i wont miss them!David kirk wrote no resources at all must be given to home educators.
      LA officers tell lies if they do not then why has HCC not sued us? i am more than happy to go to court over it and show the written lies they have told.
      BTW your a fool to.

    2. The whole episode with the now dead members of Hampshire County Council has clearly traumatised you, Peter, to the point of an enduring inability to let go and move on. Have you considered some kind of counselling?

    3. most of the HCC staff are still alive have you considered counseling for your illness of always agreeing with LA officers? can you confirm that you believe LA officers never tell lies?

    4. Don't be silly. Peter, of course they do. I've said as much here. Some LA's can be quite abusive occasionally. I'm writing seriously about your inability to let go of past hurts.

      My own LA told lies about me about the brief time one of my children was at school. It was a disgusting episode, which I dealt with.

      But I've moved on. I don't routinely feel the need to tell everyone about it every time I comment on a blog. The point must now be to show how relationships between LAs and HE families can be improved. Precisely the point of the Select Committee.

      Next time someone tries to help you, don't automatically believe that they haven't had similar experiences. Stop being so aggressive and bullying and do something positive to help yourself and others.

    5. the problem is that the LA officers that tell lies are not held to account?
      so you except an LA will tell lies about you and you say you dealt with it by moving on? what happened to the LA officers who told those lies? Webb does not believe LA officers tell lies?
      you can only let go of the past when you know that the LA officers who told those lies have action taken against them i have written evidence of the lies they told!what we need a real complaints system with teeth that LA officer would fear at the moment they know nothing can be done to them over lies and half truths they write down.
      who trying to help me? i do not see any one helping me? all i ever seen is people trying to hinder us
      your way is just to let off the LA and make out its all ok!

    6. Your unwillingness to let your grievances with the LA belie your claims of intelligence. Your belligerence indicates a petty minded and vindictive individual.
      It's no wonder you experienced so much hostility.

    7. should have added 'go' or 'put to rest'.

    8. Peter Williams says he has the evidence of wrong doing. He either needs to let it go or do something about it. If his evidence is so strong then it must be down to his inability to get it sorted. Perhaps deep down he doesnt want it sorted as he would have nothing to whine about and nothing to bore people with.

    9. Clearly Peter has been traumatised by his experiences with the LEA, feels victimised and as such cannot move on until he has found closure.
      I find it sad that many of you that comment on his replies, do not or cannot recognise this, and find it easier to dismiss, ridicule and even express animosity towards him.
      I just hope that those individuals who will quite readily make disparaging comments about Peter, never have to feel the way he quite clearly does!!!

    10. Peter clearly made the problem worse.

    11. He's not going to find closure here, is he? Especially not by trying to bully a woman in his county who volunteers to help other home educators never to have to experience what he did.

      Yes, he's clearly been damaged by his experiences. That is why I suggested counselling.

    12. Peter isn't the only home educating house dad to bully women, the problem is more widespread than is recognised.

  5. Why would you call witnesses, that would benefit financially from pushing their own agendas, with regard to home education?
    These individuals do not represent us, just their self serving interests!
    I challenge those individuals to justify themselves to the majority!!!

    1. As far as I can see only 2 of the witnesses are making or are hoping to make money from HE. Unless you know otherwise?

    2. 'These individuals do not represent us, just their self serving interests!'

      Did you send in a response to the consultation? Are you involved in trying to further the interests of the wider home ed community? If so, then it's a shame you weren't selected to be a witness, but I suppose they only had time for a small number. If NOT, then it is no wonder.

    3. Old mum
      I spoke directly to several local MPs, with regard to LEA support for HE. And submitted several proposals to the committee.
      I think it disgraceful to call as witnesses, individuals who stand to benefit financially from their proposals, however many there are. Quite clearly there is a conflict of interest, and as such shouldn't have been allowed to comment.
      I wonder why they were?

    4. We're all still waiting with baited breath to hear what this 'disgraceful' conflict of interest actually is.

  6. "I think it disgraceful to call as witnesses, individuals who stand to benefit financially from their proposals, however many there are. Quite clearly there is a conflict of interest, and as such shouldn't have been allowed to comment."

    Do you object to anything they said in particular, or just to their selection? At least everything they said is available for all to see - it's not as though it was a secret meeting behind closed doors.

    "I wonder why they were?"

    I would think they were selected because they have regular contact with lots of home educators. Is this true for you and if so, did you make it clear in your submission?

  7. Do you not see that anyone who's passing comment where there is quite clearly a conflict of interest, negates any credibility to the comments that they make?

  8. I choose who I represent, because that fits within my business model. That's not representation!

  9. To answer your question, just their selection!

    1. It's usual for select committees to include business owners as witnesses if they are likely to be able to contribute useful information. I'm not sure why you think home education should be a special case in this respect.

      I would suggest that the openness of the procedure, with a full list of witnesses and the chance to view the evidence online, would ensure that any biased or misleading evidence could be spotted and challenged. You didn't disagree with anyone's evidence, so presumably they represented your views well, or at least did nothing to harm you. I'm struggling to see a reasonable cause for complaint.

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