Friday, 21 September 2012

Wendy Charles-Warner

                                    Wendy Charles Warner
A number of comments have been made in this blog which suggest that Wendy Charles Warner has behaved in a criminal or immoral fashion. I have no personal knowledge of any such behaviour, nor any reason whatsoever to suppose that these suggestions are true. May I ask readers to think very carefully before posting and to refrain from posting anything which could be interpreted in this way.


  1. Doesn't this depend on who you leave behind rather than what you leave behind? If I had to move hundreds of miles away from the support of family and non-HE friends just so that we could continue to home educate, even if it were just from one county to another, it would feel like exile. Driving for 3-4 hours to visit Grandma and Granddad now and then is very different from walking across town to see them, especially with the current price of petrol. We would probably only manage it 2-3 times a year instead of at least once a week.

  2. This is a fair point. I was not questioning that the man might have been put to some inconvenience; merely that he cannot properly claim to be exiled.

  3. What a remarkably strange individual you are. You find a man that has been pressured to leave the country he lives in as

    "irresistibly comic"

    Do you not think that's a shocking statement to make. What is worse, is that you then paint a nice little picture of his life like he's just moved down the road and oh! everything is fine now.

    What are you thinking? and what is your problem? what is the need for the personal assault at the end?

    Do you not find it a little distressing that people do not have the right or responsibility to decide how their children should be educated without pressure from the state for children to join mainstream education, and highlight these problems instead of laughing and mocking!