Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A 'national embarrasment'

I love this! According to Save the Children, those 20% of British parents who prefer to keep their under fives at home with them are actually causing them harm. Selfish devils.



  1. Ah well you know we mothers need bashing at every opportunity......after al big brother knows best!

  2. Oh for goodness sakes!! Yes us evil mothers ;)

  3. Well you dont want to send save the children any donations!

    yes government and other groups do like to bash mothers i wonder if it is because most of these groups are in the main made up of men?

  4. Don't you like men Peter?

  5. anon says Don't you like men Peter?

    i like women better LOL! what about you anon?

    i do like the football crowd at aresnal which is made up mostly of men come on you gunners lets try and beat chelsea to 2nd place!