Thursday, 7 November 2013

An outrageous slur!

Mr Williams of Hampshire said in a comment today:

we know that old Webb daughter has been a card carrying member of the Labour party which wanted to bring in greater control over home education she also did some work for a labour M.P 

A labour MP? Why, my dear fellow, that wasn't just any old labour MP; that was Ed Balls himself. She was on his team during the leadership contest which followed the 2010 election. Here is a nice picture, to cheer everybody up, of my daughter with Ed Balls at that time:


  1. which Balls lost it appears your daughter picks losing teams!
    Ed Balls was also responsible for his part in that note left in the treasury that their is no money left we spent it all.

  2. To be fair it's better to be on the losing side than no side at all. It's never wrong in my view to be proud of your kids, no matter what they've done wrong ;-) Good on her.