Thursday, 14 November 2013

Where Maire Stafford's information about home education comes from...

I couldn't help but laugh this afternoon, as  I was watching  Maire Stafford and other members of her coven discussing Cheryl Moy and the HE Angels during a facebook conversation. Believe it or not, the only information that they could find on this topic was from me!  Somebody called Buffy Wilkinson gave a link to this blog, causing Maire Stafford to wince in pain and say some unflattering things about me. Ten minutes later, she had managed to come up with some information which did not originate with me, or so she thought! She posted this link:

Ah, unlucky Maire! This too is a post from Home Education Heretic and is one of those strange sites which have taken to reblogging everything from here. So far, the only information that Maire Stafford, Buffy Wilkinson, Marjorie Watkins, Daisy Haynes, Janet Mackay and the rest can find comes from me. Incredibly, they then fell to discussing my facial appearance and the fact that I now have a mustache! What empty lives these people have, that my growing a mustache should occupy their minds in this way.  Marjorie Watkins was unable to decide whether she fancied me like mad or thought that I was an 'unmitigated tosser'. I know which one I would go for dear! Daisy Haynes wondered if I dyed my hair to prevent myself from going grey. Honestly, I don't like to be bitchy or spiteful, but has she seen the colour of Maire Stafford's hair these days? That's never natural; she's sixty if she's a day. Talk about mutton dressed as lamb!

For those who have  missed a few episodes, Maire Stafford is the person who entered into a conspiracy with Mike Fortune-Wood to try and get me arrested. Perhaps she has changed her mind about me though. This afternoon, she described me as a 'bloody hurricane'. It's an odd metaphor to use; do you suppose that she too is secretly in love with me?  I rather like the idea of being viewed as a 'bloody hurricane'!  I can just imagine Maire Stafford saying to her friends, 'Say what you like about his mustache and possibly dyed hair, but that guy is a real bloody hurricane!' 


    Ooops, Simon, there you go again with the 'malicious tagging'. Don't you know you can be arrested for that.

    So, which group is this? Are they anti-Fiona Nicholson or pro? I lose track...

    1. 'So, which group is this? Are they anti-Fiona Nicholson or pro? I lose track...'

      This is an anti-Cheryl Moy and Alison Sauer nexus, around Leicestershire and Lincolnshire. Maire Stafford of course is a conspiracy theorist who believes in the Illuminati...

  2. So, I've never heard of most of the people you mention. Are they representatives of some HE group?

  3. Safeguarding has been at the forefront of my thought for a while Simon. I was concerned to see that you have been a victim of your choice to change your appearance causing individuals to question your motives for doing so and the provision and facilitation of your choice. I propose that legislation be introduced to protect individuals such as yourself and many others from harm. I suggest the following be implemented as soon as possible should you or others decide not to visit an establishment which employs suitably accredited professionals.

    1. Compulsory registration.
    2. Clarity of suitable and efficient. For far to long individuals, such as yourself, have been making choices regarding clothing and hair choices which seriously undermine the accepted current style curricula, which provides individuals with a wide and varied choice of options.
    3. Spot checks. When out and about, individuals who are seen not to be conforming will be subject to questioning. You will be expected to provide personal details as well the name of your advisor.
    4. Compulsory home visits. These will be informal, but you will be asked about your choices, facilitation and how you wish to progress in terms of meeting your style 'milestones'.
    5. Autonomy. Pfft. An individual will no longer be able to choose an autonomous route.

    The choices you are given regarding the above will, of course, be made with minimum input, the consultation rooms are far too small to fit in everyone and there are a few self appointed gurus of style that will impart information to the concerned after the meetings have taken place. They may not give you detailed information regarding proposals etc. as it may cause you concern or you may even question their motives or conflicts of interest.

    I will be meeting my MP shortly. In the meantime, I suggest you prepare for the aforementioned changes by flicking through a copy of People's Friend, googling your local men's grooming parlours and investing in a razor.

    1. 'I suggest you prepare for the aforementioned changes by flicking through a copy of People's Friend, googling your local men's grooming parlours and investing in a razor.'

      This actually made me chuckle out loud! My wife has made similar recommendations.

    2. Some people really have too much time on their hands. I guess this is the 'lifestyle' they wish to protect.

    3. 'I guess this is the 'lifestyle' they wish to protect.'

      What, the lifestyle of spending most of your life gassing to your mates on facebook, rather than providing an education for your children? You may have a point about that!

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    1. It always amuses me when people posting regularly on here make a judgement about people posting on Facebook. Haha

  5. I called house first.. I win the prize. Lol.