Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Home education in the Gypsy/Traveller/Roma communities

Since it seems likely that Barry Sheerman is hinting that home educated girls in some communities might get a more raw deal than boys, readers might like to read the Ivatts' report, which covers this in depth:


  1. The Ivatts recommendations were designed to please everyone who mattered; the GRT community would see little impact because most of the authorities' efforts would be directed elsewhere, the social control Nazis would be happy to extend their tentacles into into HE homes and the rent-seekers in the LAs would have a new empire to run.

    One of the most honest and insightful things I've read about Ivatts' report was written by Simon himself in his blog on 17 January 2011:

    "Taking action against the Gypsy/Roma/Traveller community about whether their kids are in school or not is frankly impossible. However, the inability to tackle this issue in that particular community will have a knock-on effect on those who do not live in caravans. If a moral panic about elective home education sweeps through local authorities and they feel that they must do something about it on their patch, then most of the EWOs will not be wishing to trudge down to the nearest camp and confront a crowd of angry Gypsies. Far easier and more enjoyable to turn up on the doorstep of a single mother who might be more likely to listen to reason. Much of the present atmosphere about home education began with the Ivatts report. It is certainly worth reading if one wants to know the background to the current debate on the subject."

    1. 'honest and insightful'

      Why thank you, Anonymous! It is seldom enough that anybody commenting here describes what I have to say as honest and insightful. I am, I believe, more often viewed as a villain or fool.

    2. You're welcome, Simon. Indeed, I've also described you as a dishonest fool in the past, but I think your candid remarks about Ivatts' report deserved recognition, otherwise I, too, would be stupidly dishonest.

  2. I'll second anonymous!

    You have a real gift for finding things people don't want you to know, and I suspect, a feeling that the more they don't want you to know, the more you want to find out...

    It's your solutions to problems I don't agree with, but then our experience of them is so different that I'd be daft to think you would.