Thursday, 14 November 2013

Maire Stafford still getting all her information on home education from me!

Dear me, Maire Stafford is still having to rely upon this blog to keep in touch with the wider world of home education! In addition to coming on here and making snarky remarks against Julie, she has now taken to reposting comments from here in facebook, adding her own puzzled coda to them:

"Julie14 November 2013 14:00
Well, actually the last meeting was open to all - there were quite a few ordinary HErs there - although it was a squash. The proposed group was only mentioned in the last few mins and certainly has been extensively discussed on a list I am on; and the minutes of the meeting are in the public domain,so it is hardly a secret. It was only GS tweet that Simon mentions that informed anyone (including me) that the next meeting is invitation only. As I have said above, I don't actually think it is a good idea, but we weren't invited to comment on it last time - it is a proposal for the next time."

I just do not understand this, Graham has tweeted that the last APPG was invite only and Julie herself has said that on here, what is going on?

I don't know, this afternoon  Maire was calling me an, 'absolute wanker' to anybody who would listen and now she's creeping around here like the kid nobody invited to the party! Come out from the shadows Maire! Everybody is welcome on this blog.

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  1. Well, if the last APPG was invitation only, I failed to notice that - and in fact took my husband with me 'cos I thought he might find it interesting ( he was in fact somewhat puzzled by the whole thing and found the windowsill he sat on somewhat painful to his (ancient) posterior).
    I went because we were given the date at the one before - and the topic was ( again) exams; so my contribution was to moan about how the D of Ed exam checking exercise ended up with the school we currently use being saddled with the HEers GCSE results in their league table - with disastrous result for the school. I went to get that point across for the school -and GS did delegate somebody from a Govt body to look into the issue. I also waffled on about our attempts to set up an exam centre as a home ed group.

    The trouble is that there are some home educators out there who only value LA bashing as worthy of merit. I spend my week in real time- rather than internet -contact with literally hundreds of home educated children and parents. The issues that concern them are often far from the big issues that others are fighting about, but that doesn't make their issues less important. I have repeatedly said that I am not in favour of more
    legislation, - and I don't think this latest idea of GS is a particularly good idea, but I will continue to fight over the things
    which concern the people I know - exams is one of those, but it isn't the only issue.